High quality glass products from the best European manufacturers. Safe glass jars that have undergone careful production control are ideal for preserving agricultural and beekeeping products, as well as chemical and food products.

Glass jar, 275 ml
Glass jar Stixi, 720 ml
Glass jar Facetta, 720 ml
Glass jar Facetta, 314 ml
Glass jar Facetta Extra, 720 ml
Glass jar, 350 ml
Glass jar Amphora, 550 ml
Glass jar Europe, 480 ml
Банка, 275 мл
Банка Stixi, 720 мл
Банка Facetta, 720 мл
Банка Facetta, 314 мл
Банка Facetta Extra, 720 мл
Банка, 350 мл
Банка Amphora, 550 мл
Банка Europe, 480 мл
About company

About company

Yomica Glass is a large distribution company engaged in the sale of products of glass enterprises, in particular glass jars and bottles, in the markets of Central, Western and Eastern Europe. Since its creation in 2011, our company has established itself in this field of activity as a reliable and respectable partner. We strictly fulfill all our obligations and deliver to our customers only high-quality glass products.

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How to become our partner?


Consultation - you can contact us in any convenient form, write your wishes for our product range or order individual packaging.


Analysis of the application, preparation of the proposal - we carefully analyze all your wishes and offer you optimal way of cooperation.


Signing the contract - conclusion of the contract for the supply of selected products.


Product delivery - we will always deliver the products to you on time.

About glass

About glass

Currently, despite the development of technical progress in the field of packaging materials, glass jars successfully compete with metal and plastic containers. Practical experience has convincingly shown that the use of glass containers for packaging or preserving products of various chemical natures is the best method of preserving the quality of the packaged goods. This circumstance is due to the advantages that the use of glass jars gives.

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Exclusive view

Custom manufacturing of a beautiful, presentable container from glass is possible.

Chemical inertness

The components of glass jars do not actively interact with the products in them.

Safe for humans

Glass is an environmentally friendly packaging material that is harmless to people.

Visual control

The transparency of the glass surface makes it possible to see the contents of the container.

Low cost

Glass jars are made of inexpensive raw materials and do not require large expenditures during production.

Multiple use

Glass containers can be reused.

Selection of goods for your tasks

Describe your task and our technical specialists will select equipment options for its solution.

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