The company Yomica Glass cooperates with many manufacturers of glass containers. Our partners are companies that use in their work modern equipment of German or Italian production.

The basic set of products sold by the company includes glass jars and bottles of various sizes and shapes. They can be transparent as well as green and brown. We are ready to take on projects for the technical task of customers. Exclusive packaging can be made in large quantities, and small. In this case, the minimum volume depends largely on the design of a particular can or bottle.

In the process of production at the enterprises of our partners, quality control is performed on specialized automatic x-ray equipment. With its help obvious and hidden defects of products, are determined. Finished products for transportation are placed on wooden pallets and covered with a shrink film on top.

Products sold by our company can be used in various fields of activity. This glass container is perfect for packaging food, chemical, perfume and cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

In our company you can easily buy standard glass jars or order the manufacture of exclusive products. For all questions, please contact our managers. All necessary contact information is listed on this site.

About glass

About glass

Currently, despite the development of technical progress in the field of packaging materials, glass jars successfully compete with metal and plastic containers. Practical experience has convincingly shown that the use of glass containers for packaging or preserving products of various chemical natures is the best method of preserving the quality of the packaged goods. This circumstance is due to the advantages that the use of glass jars gives.

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Exclusive view

Custom manufacturing of a beautiful, presentable container from glass is possible.

Chemical inertness

The components of glass jars do not actively interact with the products in them.

Safe for humans

Glass is an environmentally friendly packaging material that is harmless to people.

Visual control

The transparency of the glass surface makes it possible to see the contents of the container.

Low cost

Glass jars are made of inexpensive raw materials and do not require large expenditures during production.

Multiple use

Glass containers can be reused.

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