How to store empty glass jars

Glass is a very fragile material, so one of the most important problems for both manufacturers and consumers of glass containers is to preserve the integrity of products.

Industrial enterprises engaged in the production of glass jars, lay on the losses during transportation and storage of up to 7% of products. But in modern conditions, to improve this situation, along with new ways of packing cans, innovative methods of producing high-strength glass containers will also be used.

Packaging methods

An important condition for efficient transportation in terms of minimizing combat is the correct packaging method. Among the most popular forms currently can be identified:

  1. Wooden or cardboard boxes.
  2. Special pallets.
  3. PET film based on shrinking.

Ways to improve the strength characteristics

For manufacturers of glass jars, strength is one of the basic characteristics. Therefore, to improve this parameter, some enterprises apply methods for applying a special protective coating on glass, which makes it possible to increase the strength characteristics of glass containers by 1030%. In addition, coverage data:

  1. Prevent damage to the surface of the glass container during friction.
  2. Reduce the negative impact of moisture and air on the level of strength of products.
  3. Level the effect on the glass surface of various abrasives.

Storage conditions of glass jars

Increased humidity and sudden changes in temperature values adversely affect the surface layer of glass, causing it to corrode over time. These factors must be taken into account when storing empty glass containers. When storing glass jars in the room it must be remembered:

  1. The maximum allowable time period for storing glass products in a warehouse should not be more than 2 months.
  2. It is not recommended to store glass jars in a PET film in a warehouse for a sufficiently long time, since due to condensation of moisture under the film, the surface layer of the glass is quickly destroyed.
  3. UV rays adversely affect the glass surface.

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