Why does a glass jar need design

Since the advent of plastic containers, many have predicted the decline of the era of glass containers. However, at present, an increasing number of food producers are beginning to give preference to glass jars. Buyers in the glass products began to enjoy increased demand, since this type of packaging is absolutely environmentally friendly. Essentially, products in glass containers became an indicator of quality, which in fact means for the manufacturer to transfer it to a higher price category. Do not forget that glass is easy to process and does not adversely affect the environment.

In the market segment associated with reliable packaging of products, glass containers can help any brand to increase awareness and thus be in a better position than competitors. That is why food manufacturers are doing everything to highlight packaging glass products through design. Contribute to the victory over competitors can the following ways:

  • giving the glass packaging a different shape;
  • changing the color of glass;
  • design of the glass surface using images with graphic effects;
  • drawing convex inscriptions;
  • product branding;
  • sticker labels or film

Modern technological production at glass enterprises can easily cope with the implementation of the most daring designs of designers. At the same time, even a regular glass jar can turn into a real work of art. It should be noted that the above methods of registration of glass containers can be used both individually and combining them.

The company Yomica Glass is ready to offer customers high-quality glass jars for canning at an adequate cost. In addition, we can order exclusive glass containers. Contact - we will make your products recognizable in the market.

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